Even though mortgage originations are way down over the last couple of months there hasn't been a significant move by regulators or lenders to ease up a bit on lending standards.  The big refinancing boom is over.  Now if lenders are to make money they will need more homebuyers to enter the market.  Don't be surprised if the standards for first time homebuyers to obtain a mortgage are lowered a little over the next few months.

There are thousands of people that had good credit, bought a home from 2002 to 2008 only to lose their home and credit rating due to the financial crisis.  Some special consideration should be given to these would-be homebuyers to draw them back to home ownership. If they have reestablish their financial footing & can prove the ability to repay the loan why not grant them a  new mortgage loan. It would seem to be in everyone’s best interest to get these people back into home ownership as soon as possible. That’s our opinion.  What’s yours?