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Do you own a home or other property that you need to sell? Our knowledge and expertise will get the job done in the least amount of time and at the highest value.

Why Choose Century 21 Sylvia Geist Agency?

  • Established in 1973 our company is the most experienced real estate company in
    Central New Jersey servicing all the towns in Middlesex County & Surrounding Counties.
  • Century 21 Sylvia Geist Agency is a family owned and operated business with management having over 
    60 years of experience in the real estate industry.
  • Our company can handle all types of real estate transactions and situations.  Whatever the reason for
    selling your home or property....
    • Upsizing or downsizing
    • Changes in finances
    • Changes in employment
    • Personal or family matters
  • We understand each homeowner's situation is unique. The sale of your property will be handled based on your individual needs.

We will provide you with...

  • A full professional consultation about the benefits of using our company's services.
  • Information about what you will  or may need to do prior to the sale.
  • An estimate of what your costs of the sale will be, how much you will "net" for the sale.
  • What responsibilties, if any, you will have while the home is on the market.
  • A realistic expectation of the time frame needed to complete the home sale process.
  • Information about your options when it comes to negotiating price and home inspection issues.

Other services...

  • Relocation Services
    • Moving local or out of state. We have Century 21 offices all over the country and around the globe.
    • Referrals to local movers. Our 41+ years in the business give us a unique advantage of knowing the best movers in our area.
    • Storage options.  What to do with that extra "stuff" you may have accumulated throughout the years.
  • Property Evaluation - No Cost CMA's
  • An estimate of your net dollars at closing
  • Home preparation
    •  Small changes that will enhance home buyer's first impressions of your property
    • Improvements to increase the value & salability of your property
    • Home staging assistance
  • Comprehensive Market Plan. On average our marketing efforts produce 25 new buyer leads every day!
    • Google PPC
    • Realtor. com
    • Trulia
    • Zillow
    • Century21.com
    • Homesandland.com
    • Yahoo & Facebook
    • superpages.com
    • yellowpages.com
    • 4 Multiple Listing Systems (MLS)
    • Homes Magazines
    • Yellow page display advertising
    • Custom Listing brochures
    • Virtual Tours
    • Home staging assistance
  • Home Warranties
  • Discussion of, and remedies for, any environmental issues that may affect your property (Underground Storage Tanks (USTS), Radon, Asbestos and Lead Paint are some of the most common).
  • Use of Property Disclosures to increase the salability of your home and to limit liability after the sale.
  • Expert negotiating skills to help maximize your home's sale price.

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